René Gretener


Before joining Kraemer, Schwab & Co. in 2011, René Gretener graduated from the Swiss Commercial School and has been working for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) during ten years in various functions, of which three years in the bank’s dedicated career development team and for the last three years as a Portfolio Manager for Asia-based clients. He then took on an assignment as Assistant Representative/Business Developer for Bank Leu Ltd. in Hong Kong during two years. Thereafter he worked at Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) Zurich as an Investment Advisor/Business Developer for Asian clients during four years while undergoing the bank’s Management Development Program. He then moved on to BNP Paribas Hong Kong to establish and run the Swiss Private Banking Team of the group’s Swiss subsidiary during eight years. Afterwards, he returned to UBS group as Senior Client Advisor, working for UBS Hong Kong during a transition year before moving to Zurich office for seven years, servicing Hong Kong based clients.